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a guy that reached perfection in Simcity 2000

archives of swimming learning 

mexican robot who plays the piano

experiment in Buenos Aires by the company Beldent

identical twins / only one chewing gum

art installation

Lebanon Hanover — Gallowdance

videoclip of winter fetishism i made for

Solar Apex’s song i sing in - “White light”

ROCH BI (P.D.G. Des Namans)

the Books - A Cold Freezin’ Night

Each August in the city of Yokkaichi in Mie prefecture, a giant mechanical effigy of Onyudo, a legendary Japanese monster, is paraded through the streets during the Grand Yokkaichi Festival. The mechanized puppet, said to be the largest karakuri ningyo in Japan, stands between 6.3 and 9 meters (20 to 30 feet) tall depending on how far its neck is extended. The giant Onyudo wows spectators by swinging its arms, bobbing its head around on its long neck, moving its eyes and mouth, and sticking out its tongue as it is wheeled through the streets to the accompaniment of taiko drums.